Xiaomi Sherlock M1 Mijia Smart Door Keyless Lock

  • R 2,200.00


Please read the buyers guide before you order this product: Click the link below!!

Xiaomi Sherlock M1 Mijia Smart Door Lock Buyers Guide

The Sherlock M1 Smart Lock comes as a smart sticker attached to the main lock and which can be controlled using an app. All that needs to be done is to ffi the smart lock to the inside of the general anti-theft lock M1 and you can control the door through the Mi home app. There will be no need to make any changes to the anti-theft lock. After installing the gadget on the lock, the app can then be used to control the lock and this wouldn’t stop it from opening manually from the outside with a physical key. But there is an anti-lock mode where the door can only be unlocked using the app.


The gadget allows the homeowner to set different virtual keys which can then be distributed to different members of the home. The virtual keys can be given an expiration date or can be deleted at any time by the main owner. It also has built-in home custom security chip (MJSC) and each chip has a unique private key and certificate. The security chip also ensures there is a two-way encrypted communication only between the app and the gadget.




Size: 128x62.5x73.5mm

Material: PC
Colour: Black
Net weight: 434g

Communication mode: Bluetooth 4.0 and above 
Battery capacity: 3800mAh


Package includes: 


1 x Xiaomi Mijia Sherlock M1 Intelligent Stick Lock Non-dismantling